Cosmis Racing Wheels - Racing Series R5

Cosmis Racing Wheels - Racing Series R5

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Cosmis Racing Wheels - Racing Series R5 
  • Made with Flow Form Technology. This innovative manufacturing process allows us to customize the offset to fit your vehicle perfectly. Flow Form is a technique that creates a much stronger wheel by the combination heat, pressure and a unique spinning method. This formulates a much lighter product, with increased impact resistance.
  • Requires the use of aftermarket lug nuts. Specifically: Conical/Cone Seat – 60 

Sizes : 


R5-1895-12-5X114.3 / 5x120      

R5-18105-22-5x114.3 / 5X120

Color Options : White , Black , Silver , Black Polished Lip , White Polished Lip, Gunmetal Polished Lip, Hyper Gold 

PRICE is PER WHEEL - Unless Stated Otherwise !!

Further info an Pricing On Any Sizes or Colors not Listed please email